Computational Thinking for Kids


It all started in...

the Software Factory at Montana State University; which has been in operation since 2014.  We have been serving undergraduate senior students who've expressed an interest in obtaining meaningful real world experiences with counterparts in industry.  We have been very successful in this space; however we feel that a lot of the hands-on in-vivo experiences can be trickled down to students at much earlier development stages. In fact, following in the footsteps of many Scandinavian countries, computational thinking skills should be developed when we are kids.  We are in the early stages of creating a space in which kids can develop these skills --both with unplugged as well as with computer aided tools.


The Software Factory for Kids

The initial experimental setting for the Software Factory for kids was Irving Elementary School in Bozeman. 

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Our goals in the near future are to find dedicated space and funding to bootstrap a great physical  space for kids where hands on as well as computer based computational thinking skills can be practiced.