The Zoot Monitor is a project that uses the ELK stack technology to analyze and visualize customer systems. Elasticsearch is used for data analytics, Logstash is used for centralized logging and parsing, and Kibana is used for powerful and beautiful data visualizations.  By using all three technologies combined, we have a powerful suite of technologies that help provide deep insights to proactively help troubleshoot issues before they turn into problems.

The project at Golden Helix involves students working on a dashboard to displayed detailed gene sequencing information

Story Squares is an application that aims to improve writing skills of elementary schools children by helping organize their thought and ideas using a modular and intuitive design


Workiva is developing a project that uses machine learning to train an algorithm to take input graph data and produces a process flow graph that is human readable


Blackmore is a project where students are developing virtual reality techniques to visualize laser data using an Occulus device


Algorithm Animation is a project where Bozeman High students have paired up with two undergraduate CS students to produce an Android application that animates various sorting algorithms.  The goal is to use this application to teach a difficult topic through visualization.



Spectrum Analyzer is a project in which four students will work to develop an extensible architecture for the Extreme Bandwidth Analyzer and Correlator.  Signals are processed and visualized to provide amplitude and frequency information.



PrintingForLess - Students will work on-site with professional development engineers at PFL to develop state of the art web based printing solutions


                                        Nutrition Monitor

                                        Nutrition Monitor

NuMo is a nutrition tracking mobile application that focuses on important metrics regarding Omega 3s and Omega 6s.

ShareLift is developing mobile apps to help skiers share rides to the slopes!




Blueprints for Student Success is a project concerned with understanding the questions that high school students may have when transitioning to college.  The Software Factory is concerned with developing a game like application to help with this process