Welcome Cowboy Crickets

We are happy to collaborate with the new startup farm Cowboy Crickets!

Welcome HP

The Software Factory is happy to announce a project with HP's RGS software solutions group. Our students will help develop, test and monitor performance.

NSF Funded

The Software Factory is participating as a critical component of an NSF REU Site proposal funded from 2017-2019.  We will bring 8 students every year to work with various faculty and in projects to develop and research new algorithms.

Projects for the 2016-2017 AY

We had a record number of projects in the software factory this year with participation from 3 external high tech companies (Golden Helix, Workiva, and Blackmore Analytics). We also had two startup projects Blueprints and Story Squares!

Thank you Bozeman High

This summer we had five Bozeman High School students develop significant improvements to our Android Algorithm animation application. Students were lead by two undergraduate scholars and will be presenting their results in our school of computing seminar this Fall.

Another Bozeman High School Project

We are working with Bozeman High School to continue our software animation project. This summer three new students and two undergraduates will help with this experience.


We were accepted to present a peer reviewed paper to ASEE in New Orleans on June 26-29. Many thanks to all co-authors who collaborated to make this possible.  The title of our publication is:


The Effectiveness of Software Development Instruction Through the Software Factory Method for High School Students

We welcome PFL and ShareLift

Printing For Less and ShareLift have signed up to work with us alongside S2 corporation.  We now have eleven students participating in the Software Factory!

Welcome to Fall 2015

As the summer wraps up, our High School students have done an out standing job under the leadership of our CS students!!  They will be presenting their work in the graduate seminar series. We also have a record number of new projects gearing up for the Fall, so stay tuned...

New projects!!

We are very excited to announce a project in collaboration with Bozeman High School. Two of our best undergraduates will team up with two BHS students to develop animation techniques for algorithms.

We are also very excited to begin work with the S2 Corporation company to develop and investigate big data analysis for RF data streams. 

Welcome MSU LaunchPad

We are now partners with the MSU Blackstone Launchpad, and the Exponent is currently doing a story on us.  More to come.  We have a video that describes our space 


Thanks to Kanbanize, our students are benefiting from extended licenses to help keep track of their development efforts.  https://kanbanize.com/

Welcome Software Factory!

Our first project is off and running using Scrum and Kanban techniques in full collaboration with Zoot Enterprises!